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Trading Internationally inherently comes with a lot of risk. To do so effectively requires a high level of expert knowledge and sharp focus to ensure the wheels on your shipments never stop turning.

With many companies lacking the internal structure to control their own shipments, we offer a comprehensive supply chain management scheme. A service designed to give you full control and visibility over your shipments, through the support of a one-stop-shop logistics company.

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  • In-house George Baker services from start to finish
  • Single point of contact for all your logistics needs
  • Expert knowledge and advice
  • End-to-end management of your shipments through a reliable and trusted company

Delivering the best Supply Chain Management Services

Overseas Management

Depending on your preferred terms with your supplier, taking control of your shipments may mean arranging the collection process right from the factory door.

With network partners and agents based around the globe, we use local connections to source the timely collection of your goods and prepare them for departure. With all our agents speaking local languages, we can work directly with overseas suppliers and provide you with live updates as the shipment begins its journey.


Freight Management

Having control over your own freight is usually where your supply chain will benefit most. With the final say over which shipping line you use, which service your goods are booked on and what price you pay, being just some of the advantages you will inherit from doing so.

Working directly with you and your business, we look at numerous schedules and services to try and promote efficiency, for the best price possible. For larger supply chains, we can assist with negotiating annual freight contracts, developing critical paths and implementing standard operating procedures within your business.


Landside Co-Ordination

As your shipment’s schedules are being finalised, our freight management teams will already be looking ahead, simultaneously co-ordinating the post arrival actions and allowing the seamless movement to continue beyond the port.

Utilising George Baker’s in-house services, your single point of contact will pre-arrange customs clearance, warehouse bookings and delivery prior to your shipments arriving in the UK, allowing for a fast transition from port to door.


Cost Analysis

For any importing business, an in-efficient supply chain can drastically reduce the profitability on the goods you are selling. Optimising your supply chain to ensure cargo doesn’t arrive too early and without running the risk of being late is a difficult balance to strike.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience within our ranks, we conduct regular analysis of your supply chain looking at every aspect to ensure it is operating as effectively as possible, whilst utilising the full value of a George Baker one-stop-shop service.


System Development

As the world evolves, the use of technology is becoming more predominant in every industry. It can dramatically increase efficiency, visibility and control. However, these benefits usually come at a cost, which may not be justifiable within your structure.

Building and developing our own inhouse systems plays a huge part in how we are able to provide our customers with additional value to our service. We work directly with our SCM customers, to design and build bespoke management systems tailored to their specific needs and requirements.


Performance Monitoring

Keeping track of the links within your supply chain is a difficult task. Making sure your decisions are informed and that you are deploying the best practises for your business, even more so.

As part of our SCM programme, we monitor and track the success rate and performance throughout the year, providing you with a clear picture of how efficiently your supply chain is operating. With increased visibility and control, you can better adapt to ever evolving shipping conditions and maintain stability all year round.


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Toby Spink

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Kieron Beamish

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