Gerard Pearce

Group Finance Director

About Gerard

In February 2020, I joined the George Baker Group, and feel privileged to have done so at the beginning of a period that saw significant change, with strong growth and new sectors bringing a sense of purpose and excitement; this has been achieved without losing the business’s cultural identity which has been at the heart of this family business for so many years.

The cultural identity here is very special and is such a distinguishing feature, placing colleagues and customers at the core of our values and giving the highest priority to the welfare and interests of both. The result, predictably, is highly motivated colleagues and strong customer retention.

Prior to joining George Baker, my career in logistics began in 1993 and I stayed with the same international group for more than 20 years, gaining wide experience in finance and general management, all of which is invaluable to my role at George Baker. As Finance Director, I interact with colleagues across the business, providing internal support, contributing to business strategy and direction, and having responsibility for finance, audit, and bank relationships.

There’s a great deal of optimism about the future here at George Baker and being part of a team that is hungry to succeed, is genuinely fulfilling.


Key Skills:
  • Compliance and Regulatory Understanding
  • Data Integration
  • Analytical Thinking


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