Carl Powell

Customs Compliance Manager

I joined the company in August 2020 following several decades working for some of the largest corporate entities in the logistics and retail sectors. Joining the George Baker Group I anticipated that there may be a cultural difference, but I was not prepared for how stark the difference would be.

From its inception many decades ago to this very day, George Baker Group is family-owned and managed. Despite having grown to be a significant player in the industry, it still possesses core family values of honesty and integrity, steering every action and decision. As an employee, as a manager, and in all my interaction with our customers, I feel a huge sense of pride that we have not only the capability but a resolute determination to do the right thing and deliver on every promise we make.

My pride in the company is matched only by my pride in the relationship we have with our customers. I genuinely feel that we are working with not for them, and I am extremely grateful for the faith, trust, and loyalty they show us.


Key Skills:
  • Experience with compliance procedures and risk management
  • Assessment & Interpretation
  • Understanding of Regulatory Guidelines


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